About Us

We use wide range of investment strategies. The long term target is to maintain positive efficiency during any market situation.

REBUS FUND is a Czech corporation authorized in conduct of collective asset management.

REBUS FUND offers its services in accordance to law and in 2017 it has been registered to the list of CNB (Czech National Bank) according to § 15 ZISIF and § 596 letter f) ZISIF. 

REBUS FUND is a fund established in accordance to the laws of the Czech Republic, with its registered office in the Czech Republic. The principle of fund’s operation is a management of financial assets of investors (individuals) in order to achieve the assets’ appreciation by investing into a wide portfolio of investing tools. The services are offered exclusively to a closed group of clients.

Investing services of the fund REBUS FUND are not actively offered to the public. 

REBUS FUND puts a goal on achieving stable returns to its clients.

The investing strategy of the fund is made of wide portfolio of investing instruments mostly of short-term nature, built into a balanced business strategy against the risk to return ratio. Actual allocation of the REBUS FUND investments is permanently adjusted to the market to ensure maximal security of the capital and to reach the target return. The capacity of the service is limited by the amount of 500.000.000 EUR, considering the target volume of investments and used investing methods.

REBUS FUND s.r.o. is registered with the Czech National Bank in accordance with § 15 Act No. 240/2013 Sb. on Management Companies and Investment Funds (ZISIF). The fund is not supervised by CNB, the fund must comply with the notification obligation in accordance to Article No. 110 (1) on Commission Delegated Regulation No. 231/2013, supplementing Directive 2011/61/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council. The fund is not broker company within the meaning of specific law regulations.